Accelerate Mid-Size Business Growth with Automated Sales Tax Compliance

Digitize and automate tax with software to help accelerate business growth for mid-size businesses.

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Expand and grow with confidence

Support your expansion strategy with global tax capabilities and maintain profitability as you scale.

Vertex Inc. Tax Solutions for Marketplace Facilitators

Expand into new markets

Calculate tax correctly, wherever your customer is, and comply with local regulations and sales tax nexus.

Reduce Audit Risk with Vertex

Proactively reduce risk

Reduce manual touches throughout the tax lifecycle from determination through tax compliance.


Maintain profitability

Adopt cost-efficient tax technology that will scale easily as mid-size business and sales channels grow.

Products and Services

Mid-size business tax software and solutions to help automate tax, improve business agility, and help accelerate business growth.

  • Vertex O Series

    Streamline indirect tax management with deep, proven tax content and software built to scale.

  • Taxamo Assure by Vertex

    Let Taxamo manage VAT/GST on your e-commerce transactions from customer checkout through local compliance.

  • Vertex Certificate Center

    Streamlined exemption certificate management to improve compliance and audit performance.

  • Vertex PDF Returns

    Save time with signature-ready PDF returns plus optional filing and payment service.

  • Vertex for e-Commerce

    Automated global tax calculations fit seamlessly into your online sales journey and provide a solid foundation for managing compliance requirements.

  • Vertex Invoice IQ

    An API-based solution for tax-compliant invoicing to support global growth.


Integrate a single Vertex tax engine to the systems you use today, and easily connect to new systems as you grow and expand.

Our Integrations

We integrate with a number of leading platforms spanning ERP, CRM, procurement, billing, POS, and e-commerce.

Expand. Accelerate. Succeed.

Manage Tax Complexity with Vertex

Stay on top of tax rate changes, including sales tax nexus, with less effort.


Automate tax processes to reduce error and penalties.


Achieve long-term savings while growing your business.

Vertex Inc.

Build customer trust by improving invoice accuracy.

DriveTime Automotive Group Automates a Custom Solution

"I would recommend Vertex because their people know what they’re talking about, and they truly want to help you succeed. "

Lauren Baum
Sales Tax Manager, DriveTime Automotive Group

How Graybar Improved Audit Defense

  • Graybar benefits from a centralized location for exemption certificate storage
  • The company streamlined consistent and accurate tax handling by hard-coding rates for certain customers
  • Timely uploading of exemption certificates allows Graybar to focus on what matters

Air Liquide Outsources Returns to Improve Tax Operations

"As a Vertex software customer, we felt they were a very reliable company. Of course we needed to find a provider who could handle our workload. But more importantly, we wanted to find a team we could count on. "

Chris Ackman
Compliance Lead, Air Liquide

Tailored to your industry.

Solve your unique challenges – from industry-specific tax rules and content, to custom reporting and data management tools to help accelerate growth for mid-size businesses.

Reduce manual work around tax with Vertex Inc.


Automate exemption certificate management to simplify tax compliance and build customer satisfaction.

Vertex Inc.


Digitize indirect tax to reduce audit risk, increase efficiency, and build a resilient supply chain.

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Leverage retail-specific tax solutions to support global omnichannel sales, including marketplaces.

Work At the Speed of Business

Professional Services

Use cloud-based tax solutions to boost agility and support expansion into new markets.

Regulatory Environment Vertex Inc.

Wholesale Trade

Support your marketplace with a real-time tax engine for digital and physical goods and services.



Scale easily and support an agile supply chain with automated tax technology.

Grow your Business.

Drop us a line to discuss how we can help mid-size businesses more effectively manage sales tax, tax compliance, tax automation, and more.