Tax Determination

Improve tax determination accuracy for sales and use tax, VAT/GST, and industry-specific taxes for sales and purchase transactions.

Improve indirect tax accuracy as you expand your business.

Streamline and centralize indirect tax determination across the entire supply chain to reduce risk and improve audit performance. As tax complexity increases and your business expands, accommodate high volume and complex transactions at speed and scale.

Add a tax engine to reduce risk and improve audit performance

Reliable automated indirect tax determination on sales and purchase transactions in all your systems of record – ERP, e-commerce, procurement, and various billing systems.

Increased Compliance

Improve tax accuracy for even the most complex transactions. Robust content includes over 300 million tax rules supporting 19,000+ jurisdictions worldwide, plus precise jurisdiction identification and exemption management tools.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Flexible options to work with your business model, tax strategy, and IT environment. Solutions for every size company — quick startup solutions for emerging businesses poised for growth, to omnichannel hybrid deployments for global leaders with millions of customers.

Improved Scalability

Easily scale as your business grows – just add the content and integrations you need as you expand into new markets, launch new business lines, absorb acquisitions, or introduce new sales channels.

Complex Industry Solutions

Get the content, connectors, and functionality to meet the unique requirements of retail, leasing, communications, and lodging industries.

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid deployment to meet your unique business and IT needs. 

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Find the Best Tax Solution for Your Business

We enable organizations worldwide to better manage their tax complexity through streamlined processes and trusted technology. Get in touch today to learn more.