Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing

Outsource monthly compliance so you can focus on more value-add work.

What is Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing?

Sales and Use Tax Returns Outsourcing is an outsourcing service that allows tax experts to prepare and file sales and use tax returns on behalf of a business. More and more businesses are choosing to outsource so that they can:

  • Regain critical resources typically drained by returns preparation
  • Re-focus their tax staff on more value-add work
  • Easily access documentation and data in a centralized portal to streamline audit preparation
  • Reduce time spent on the administrative aspects of compliance

Why Outsource?

For 30+ years, businesses have relied on our returns outsourcing services, allowing them to focus on more strategic tax issues. Apart from being time-consuming, handling returns in-house can put you at risk for end-of-month surprises that your team struggles to manage among their other projects and tasks.

Leading accounting and consulting firms identify us as the sales and use tax technology that helps their clients achieve success to be more productive and profitable. End each month confidently—outsource sales and use tax compliance to Vertex.

How Does It Work?

Just send us your tax data file(s) and we’ll handle sales and use tax returns preparation and filing, communicating with tax authorities in all jurisdictions, managing funds and payments, and resolving notices. Vertex manages all the details, while you maintain complete visibility and control.


  • Benefits For Non-Customers & Vertex Indirect Tax O, Q, L Series Customers
    • Return preparation and filing (upon client approval).
    • Secure funds management for tax payments to jurisdictions.
    • Separate bank account for each client (no co-mingling of funds).
    • Resolution of all notices.
    • Experienced returns preparer assigned to each client.
    • Secure online portal provides anytime/anywhere visibility into the status of returns, and archive of tax data files, previous returns, and reconciliation reports.
    • Tax Calendar and Bank Account Reconciliation Report provided each month.
    • 13-month Trend Analysis Report by-filing entity and by-jurisdiction.
    • All work done in the U.S., no off-shoring.
  • Benefits For Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax Customers
    • Returns filing (from returns generated in the Vertex Cloud system).
    • Secure funds management for tax payments to jurisdictions.
    • Resolution of notices related to filing and payments.
    • All work done in the U.S., no off-shoring.
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