Vertex O Series for Hospitality

Automated tax determination software for the lodging industry.

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Improve tax management for complex lodging transactions.

Automated lodging tax calculation improves compliance for the booming travel industry. Opportunity for travel booking companies has exploded in recent years, but the complexity of lodging taxes in the U.S. could limit profitability. Vertex offers an automated solution. Adding lodging tax content to your Vertex O Series tax engine increases tax accuracy and streamlines internal processes.

Ensure billing accuracy with automated determination of complex U.S. lodging and occupancy taxes.

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Automated tax content updates from Vertex Research reduces risk.

Vertex Research continually updates lodging tax content for the U.S. This means reduced tax research effort and no more updating the billing system every time there’s a change.

Automated tax determination reduces manual effort.

Vertex O Series enables customers to automate processes and improve tax accuracy. This enables tax and finance professionals to focus less on tax content and more on accelerating business growth.


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