Vertex Certified Implementer Program

Discover the benefits of becoming certified.

The Vertex Certified Implementer Program sets the standard for Vertex tax technology product knowledge and provides organizations with an effective way to develop and recognize Vertex implementation professionals.

Program Overview

The Vertex Certified program sets the standard for Vertex Indirect Tax O Series implementation knowledge and provides organizations with an effective way to develop and recognize proven tax technology professionals.

The certification formally validates real-world implementation skills and creates a career path for further development of Vertex-specific skills. Customers and consulting partners can set themselves apart by becoming Vertex Certified Implementers.

Vertex Certified Implementers

Top Benefits of the Program

Work At the Speed of Business

Career Advancement

Improve your proficiency and advance your career.

Vertex Inc.

Staff Improvement

Benefit from a staff whose skill levels are consistent, as well as streamlined implementation.

Vertex Inc.

Improve Client Satisfaction

For consulting organizations, certification can distinguish your service quality, streamline your implementation projects, increase customer ROI, and help grow your practice.

Users positive

Highlight Experience

Highlight your experience with Vertex tax automation software and become indispensable in your organization as you strengthen the skills necessary to stay ahead of new challenges and opportunities.

Why Get Certified?

Tax Analyst Manuel illustrates the value this certification brought him on a personal and professional level.

How It Works

By passing an online certification exam, successful candidates demonstrate mastery and earn the “Vertex Certified Implementer” designation. Free online courses are offered (but not required) to prepare for the exam, and CPE-accredited versions are available for a fee.

Vertex Certified Implementers

Certification Requirement

  • Successful passing of an online, self-paced exam
  • Exam fee: $325

Optional Training Courses

  • Professionally designed learning plans to prepare for the certification exams
  • Free, online, self-paced courses
  • CPE-accredited courses are available for a fee

Vertex Certified Implementer for O Series 9.0

Visit Vertex University today for information or to register for certification exams and preparatory courses. 

Please Note: You will first need to create your account on Vertex University.

Vertex Certified Directory

Meet the most qualified Vertex tax software experts in the world. Review the directory of Vertex Certified Professionals and see who has validated software skills and training.