Vertex O Series for Medical

Automate and streamline tax determination on global medical equipment, devices, and supplies

Vertex O Series for Medical

Robust industry-leading tax solution for the healthcare industry

Manage the operational complexity and unique needs of upstream, midstream, and downstream transactions in the medical equipment, supply and device industry.

This tax determination solution includes robust, industry-leading tax content built for medical equipment, supply, and device manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and institutional buyers. The tax content seamlessly integrates with existing O Series workflows and is backed by our expert tax research team and implementation consulting support.

Vertex helps reduce risk and increase efficiency during the sale, purchase, and billing of diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, disposable medical supplies, and more. Stay in front of local and global tax obligations, improve upstream tax accuracy, and make tax determination easier.

Vertex O Series for Medical

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Work with the latest tax rates and rules for medical equipment.

Tax content includes sales, use, and value added tax rates and rules. Tax content is updated monthly by Vertex Research, with new categories added over time. The tax determination solution supports medical equipment categories subject to complex regulations like:

  • Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Tables
  • Human Tissue Implants – Noncosmetic
  • Human Tissue Dressing or Skin Grafts – Noncosmetic
  • Autologous Skin Harvesting Devices, Systems or Accessories
  • Embolization Glues
  • Embolization Spheres
  • Angioscopic Valvulotomes
  • Diagnostic or Interventional Vascular Catheters
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab Equipment
  • Vascular Graft Anchor or Fixation Device, and more!

Global tax content and functionality to support local regulations and improve tax compliance.

Industry content and automated tax and liability determination at the line-item level helps organizations stay compliant with localized regulations and requirements for sales, purchase, billing and downstream compliance.

Streamline exemptions during the calculation process.

Store and apply customer and company exemptions accurately and upfront on each transaction during the ordering process and at billing or time of payment. Integrated exemption management ensures accurate application of a customer’s exemption and avoids instances of overapplication where the exemption has limited application.

Determination accuracy supports the end-to-end business process.

Improved accuracy in upstream tax calculation processes reduces negative impact to downstream processes including costly reclaim, audit defense, adjustments.

Modern tax automation and robust content improves tax function agility.

Extensive product coverage supports entry into new markets/channels or purchasing/fulfillment without labor-intensive tax research activity. This level of accuracy in tax determination enables the tax function to support growth with agility and confidence.


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