Vertex Indirect Tax O Series

Streamline indirect tax management with deep, proven tax content and software built to scale.

Streamline indirect tax management with deep, proven tax content and software built to scale.

Support business growth with reliable tax determination & trusted technology

Automate and centralize sales, use, and value added tax (VAT) determination on your sales and purchase transactions. Connect our leading technology seamlessly to your ERP or financial system. Deploy it using edge computing for the highest availability and scalability to accelerate your business growth.

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Latest tax rules and rates keep you ahead of changes.

Continually updated tax rules and rates for 19,000 jurisdictions around the world keep your sales, use, and value added tax calculations accurate and reduce audit risk. Plus industry-specific content for lease tax, and communication services tax. License the content you need today, and add content as your business grows.

Benefit from a powerful and customizable calculation engine.

Set up your Vertex tax engine to fit your unique business needs. Custom taxability setup for your company’s unique taxability rules and exceptions. Gain confidence for even the most complex transactions.


Leverage edge computing to deploy O Series at the point of transaction.

Deploy the O Series tax engine using containers to manage tax calculation at the point of transaction. You'll get the highest availability, improved control over performance, and a streamlined tax technology landscape. Learn all about it here.

Connect Vertex to multiple financial systems.

Integrate a single Vertex tax engine with all your transaction systems – ERP, procurement, e-commerce, and other billing systems – to automate tax and reduce risk across your business. Leverage the rich data in your transaction systems to improve tax accuracy.

We make it easy for you to use Vertex.

We offer implementation services, convenient knowledgeable support, and a range of training options to increase your team's proficiency and boost ROI. Count on unmatched support throughout your experience as a customer to help you meet your tax needs.

Use your tax engine data to support business growth.

Utilize standard reports and data extracts to support compliance, audit, and reconciliations.


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MetLife Leverages Vertex to Enable a Single Source of Truth for Use Tax

"By using Vertex as our single source of truth, we are able to increase efficiency around use tax audit defense, save a lot of time, and also reduce risk because of increased data integrity. "

Lori Guardado
Assistant Vice President of Tax, MetLife

Patagonia Creates a Seamless Customer Experience

  • Created a true omnichannel experience for customers, with consistent tax treatment across selling channels
  • Integrated centralized tax automation across its e-commerce, wholesale, and retail systems
  • Reduced the burden on Tax and IT teams by eliminating tedious manual work related to tax

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