3 Proven Ways to Fix in the Disconnects in Today’s Multi-Channel Shopping Journey

Person doing work on her computer for her retail business

Today’s retailers realize the importance of fixing the “disconnects” in today’s shopping journeys, but many are discovering how difficult that can be with separate legacy systems controlling key business operations. These siloed tech stacks make it nearly impossible for a retailer to get a holistic view of its various commerce points, its overall business, and its customers. For example, without a single version of the truth about inventory levels — one you can share with all commerce points in real time — you can’t be confident that items you believe are in a store, warehouse or in transit are actually there. That leads to broken customer promises and requires maintaining high levels of safety stock for fast-moving products.

This e-book will explore simple ways that midsize retailers can streamline key processes, enable more efficient workflows, and deliver a better, more unified customer experience.

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  • How to modernize and integrate your platforms
  • Solutions to increase integration with ERP and other core operating systems
  • Ways to enable technical and business scalability and maintain efficiency across your processes

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