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Streamline exemption certificate management to improve calculation accuracy, compliance, and audit performance

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Mismanaged Exemption Certificates Cause Audit Penalties

Research shows up to one third of U.S. audit penalties are directly attributed to poor management of exemption certificates. These errors can put your company at risk of non-compliance and incur significant penalties. Vertex Certificate Center is a cloud-based paperless solution that electronically stores and tracks sales and use tax exemption, as well as direct pay certificates to help companies reduce risk and streamline internal processes.

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Electronic Certificate Management

Store, view, and track exemption certificates in a single repository.

Load digital certificates, and access all your exemption certificate data in the cloud. Easily track expiration dates and automate renewal requests via email.

Self-Service Submission

Set up a certificate submission wizard for customer self-service.

Offer your customers a self-service, self-guided online tool where they can create and submit audit-ready certificates directly into your Vertex tax solution.

Automated Workflows

Keep processes moving to improve efficiency.

A user portal lets you automate workflows for certificate requests and renewals, as well as reporting for compliance and audit.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and renew certificates to improve audit readiness.

Multiple sorting features provide easy access to certificates. View certificates nearing expiration to move into renewal campaign. Respond more timely and completely to audit requests.

Master Data Improvements

Streamline tax operations by improving master data accuracy.

Synchronization of certificates, customers, and taxpayers with the Vertex tax engine helps keep master data up to date to minimize mistakes that can cause disputes, credits, and changes to transactions.


Optional add-on service for an end-to-end exemption certificate solution

Vertex Certificate Service is an optional add-on for Vertex Certificate Center customers to outsource the collection and renewal of exemption certificates. Our team will use your Certificate Center tools to validate new certificates and conduct ongoing certificate collection/renewal campaigns to keep your certificates up to date and audit-ready. We’ll take the ongoing tasks off your plate to keep tax teams focused on higher value work and improve audit performance at the same time.

How Graybar Improved Audit Defense with Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager

"The main benefit is improved control. We now have a central location to store and track our nearly 125,000 exemption certificates from across the country. "

Lauren Marks
Central Administration Manager, Graybar Electric


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