Vertex Indirect Tax for Communications

Automate complex communication services tax to reduce risk and improve audit performance.

Vertex Tax Solutions for communications

A powerful solution for communication services tax

Communications tax complexity exploded with the introduction of non-traditional communication services like streaming and IoT. Phone service providers are no longer the only companies with comm tax obligations. With constant changes in rates and rules, emerging technologies, and shifts in taxing jurisdictions, tax automation is a must.

Vertex offers robust, proven tax determination solutions to integrate with your communication billing system for reduced risk. Let us help you grow with confidence and improve compliance processes.

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Automate complex calculations for complex services.

Robust tax content supports the calculation of taxes, surcharges, and fees for U.S. and Canada providers of communication services including wireless, wireline, voice over IP, cable, satellite, internet, video and audio streaming, and more. This supports the tax needs of traditional telecom service providers, as well as non-telecom companies who now provide communication services.

Improve accuracy with pinpoint jurisdiction precision.

Vertex leverages the latest geospatial technology to pinpoint tax jurisdiction assignment for improved tax accuracy. Even locations with no traditional street address, like cell towers, can be supported using longitude and latitude coordinates.

Streamline exemption certificate management with ease.

Collect, track, and store communications tax exemption certificates within the Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager, integrated directly into your tax engine.

Consolidate your tax management in one system.

Vertex Indirect Tax for Communications runs on O Series, allowing you to manage communications tax on the same platform as the other tax types that your business manages, including sales, use, and value added tax.

Flexible configuration allows the tax engine to support your specific business needs.

Set up custom taxability rates and rules, franchise fees, and bundled services to meet your specific business needs. Easily update configurations as your business grows.


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  • Connected all billing systems to a highly functioning, in-house solution for telecommunications tax
  • Improved tax reporting and forecasting thanks to sales and use tax, GST, VAT, telecom, and other taxes and fees in one system
  • Positioned themselves for growth by delivering reliable, North American telecom content from Vertex

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