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Automate and simplify real-time reporting and e-invoicing on a country-by-country basis with Vertex e-Invoicing.

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Maintain continuous VAT compliance with a single integrated platform offering a global solution.

Streamline your e-invoicing process and comply with mandates for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) transactions.

Vertex e-Invoicing enables organizations to optimize their real-time VAT reporting and e-invoicing processes for multiple countries to enhance continuous transaction controls and support direct reporting requirements. Our solution provides a single integrated platform to streamline the creation, submission*, clearance*, and e-archiving* of e-invoices in compliance with jurisdictional mandates.

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How does our end-to-end cloud-based VAT platform benefit your business?

Apply Vertex returns and reporting solutions, including e-invoicing, for continuous VAT compliance.

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity UI Easy to use

Continuous Transaction Controls

Vertex e-Invoicing helps enhance Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) at every stage of indirect tax reporting. Vertex unlocks e-invoice clearance, real-time reporting, Peppol connectivity, and a globally compliant system to exchange B2B and B2G documents by leveraging the Pagero Network.

Global Tax Solutions Vertex Inc.

Multi-country support

Rely on one global solution to support e-invoicing across multiple countries. As your business expands into new countries, you’ll have the flexibility to stay compliant.


Continually updated

Stay on top of the latest e-invoicing regulations across countries. As local regulations evolve, our comprehensive solution automatically adjusts to remain up-to-date.

Vertex Inc. Data Validation

Data Extraction

Seamless and secure connection to source financial systems and ERPs for invoice data and supporting artifacts.

Manage Reconciliations

E-invoice submission* & clearance*

Use a secure API interface to submit e-invoices to Peppol and other jurisdictional portals. Easily track status, obtain necessary clearances, and access required signatures.

Integration positive

Centralized, role-based dashboard

Access a consolidated view across multiple sources. View the status of accounts receivable and accounts payable e-invoices. Toggle between e-Invoicing and VAT Compliance applications to easily reconcile reporting.

Audit Log History Vertex Inc.

Audit-ready, just in case

Comply with data retention policies, keeping up to 15 years’ worth of approved e-invoices and related artifacts securely e-archived* and readily accessible.

Automated VAT/GST Calculation

Every step, automated

From e-invoice creation through validation, portal submission*, and clearance* — every step of compliance is automated to simplify and streamline your workflows.

Reduce Business Risk with Vertex

Reduce risk effortlessly

Optimize your e-invoicing processes to maintain compliance while minimizing both effort and cost.

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Single, integrated platform

When used together with Vertex VAT Compliance, Vertex e-Invoicing provides a single, integrated platform for managing multi-country VAT compliance including real-time and periodic reporting.

* Leverages the Pagero Network for Peppol access point, e-invoice compliance, and archiving.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing (short for “electronic invoicing”) is the digital process of creating, sending, receiving, and processing invoices between businesses (B2B) or between businesses and government entities (B2G). This new electronic method replaces the traditional paper-based or digital invoicing system with a structured electronic format, opening the door to innovation with technology and automation.

E-invoicing is becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to its numerous advantages, including efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and enhanced security. A growing number of governments are mandating or incentivizing businesses to switch to electronic invoicing methods, both to promote digitalization and combat tax evasion.

It's also important to consider what e-invoicing is not.

  • E-Invoicing is not a replacement for periodic reporting. While e-invoicing enables real-time/near real-time reporting of invoice data, it is not a replacement for periodic reporting of tax obligations such as VAT summary returns. Businesses must fulfill their regular reporting requirements based on jurisdiction-specific regulations, in addition to these new mandates.
  • E-invoicing is different from locally compliant invoices delivered to customers. Businesses are often still required to generate and deliver jurisdiction-compliant invoices to their customers (business, government or individuals) as per the specific requirements and or commercial needs of each jurisdiction.
  • E-invoicing is not a direct payment service to regulatory bodies. E-invoicing does not involve immediate payment to regulatory bodies at the time of invoice reporting. It is primarily a mechanism for transmitting structured invoice data to enable tax authorities to track and validate VAT liability. Payment of VAT or other taxes is typically handled separately and according to the established payment processes in each jurisdiction.

Which countries have e-invoicing mandates?

E-invoice mandates are implemented on a country-by-country basis, with each jurisdiction having its own specific regulations. To date, over 50 countries have e-invoicing mandates, with additional countries announcing new mandates every day.

What are Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC)?

CTC involves the real-time monitoring and reporting of transactions, providing tax administrations with enhanced capabilities to combat VAT fraud and improve tax collection. This shift towards CTC has led to the implementation of e-invoicing, which enables businesses to exchange structured invoice data electronically and replaces traditional paper-based or digital invoices.


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