DriveTime Automotive Group

With a continually changing product line and growing business, DriveTime needed an automated solution that could manage the custom taxability needs of their business. With Vertex O Series they were able to set up custom taxability rules for their specific needs which reduced the amount of staff time spent researching rates.

For monthly compliance, the tax team outsources the administrative burden to Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing. DriveTime provides multiple source files and Vertex prepares and files every return, even handling payments. All with a dedicated representative working closely with DriveTime.

Using Vertex, the tax team at DriveTime reports substantial improvement in accuracy while spending less time on taxability issues. The increased accuracy improves their audit performance, and outsourcing returns allows them to focus on more valuable tax work.

Listen to our customer tell their story.

I would recommend Vertex because their people know what they’re talking about, and they truly want to help you succeed.

Lauren Baum
Sales Tax Manager
DriveTime Automotive Group

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