Communications Services Tax

Improved tax determination accuracy for telecom and non-traditional communications services ⁠— from landline and mobile, to streaming and IoT.

Industry Leading Tax Determination for a Complex Industry

Communications services tax grows more complex every day with changing regulations and emerging technologies. Vertex provides scalable, trusted tax determination solutions for telecom and non-traditional communications services in North America.

Robust Solutions to Improve Accuracy, Enhance Efficiency, and Reduce Risk

Our solutions support more accurate tax determination, even for the most complex offerings like bundled services.

Leverage Our Expertise

Focus your tax staff on higher value work by leaving detailed tax research to us. Our embedded tax content drives improved tax accuracy on every bill.

Grow Your Business Confidently

Take advantage of emerging communications technology to expand your business without adding tax risk.

Customize to Meet Your Unique Needs

Your Vertex tax engine supports over 2 million communications tax rules for traditional and non-traditional communication services. You can also configure your system with custom rules to meet your unique business needs.

Drive IT Efficiency

Reduce your IT footprint by leveraging a single tax engine for sales, use, value added, and communications tax.

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Find the Best Tax Solution for Your Business

We enable organizations worldwide to better manage their tax complexity through streamlined processes and trusted technology. Get in touch today to learn more.