Consumer Use Tax

Create a reliable, repeatable accounts payable process with automated tax content and functionality for the procure-to-pay process.


Why add a tax engine for procurement?

A manual approach to consumer use tax is time-consuming and error-prone. Adding a tax engine to your ERP or procurement system enables a smarter, more efficient way to work and reduces risk around consumer use tax. Watch the video to learn more.

Automate consumer use tax in the procure-to-pay (P2P) process

Standardize and increase tax accuracy at the requisition and invoice stages.

Granular Data Details

Consider and prioritize 100+ data elements from your native ERP or procurement system to improve tax accuracy and overall tax department agility.

Vertex Inc.

Increase Process Efficiency

Let tax own tax.  With the right tax technology in place, tax decisions are left to the tax department while Procurement and IT organizations can focus on what they do best.

Vertex Inc.

Lower Audit Risk

Improving consumer use tax accuracy means lower audit risk, period. Plus, our solutions for consumer use tax offer reliable backup for audit support.

Vertex Inc.

TE Connectivity improves use tax accruals even with an outsourced AP function

"With Vertex, we're able to more accurately accrue and pay use tax, and improve our vendor relationships. "

Erica Bucklew
Tax Manager, TE Connectivity

CONA Services refreshes tax processes for Coca-Cola bottlers

  • Faster AP processing  
  • Correct tax amounts accrued and paid
  • Better product taxability to enable confidence as they grow

Siemens chooses a tax calculation engine built for growth

"Once we identify an overpayment or over-accrual on use tax, we're immediately able to go into Vertex, test our solution, correct it, and get it rolled into production. A five-to-six-month process has been taken down to one day. "

Sandra Blair
Head of Indirect Tax, Siemens USA

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