Consumer Use Tax

Manage the entire use tax process, from determination through returns and remittance. In the new world of procurement, tax can own tax.

Improve Tax Accuracy in a Changing P2P Landscape

A manual approach to consumer use tax is time consuming and error prone. Adding a tax engine to your ERP or procurement system enables a smarter, more efficient way to work and reduces risk.

Improve Control and Tax Accuracy in the Procurement Process

Enhance use tax determination and compliance in the P2P process with continuously updated global tax rules and rates.

Increase Accuracy

Vertex can consider and prioritize 100+ data elements that are passed from your native ERP/procurement system for tax determination on a transaction, improving tax accuracy and overall tax department agility.

Increase Efficiency in the Procurement Process

Let tax own tax — and enable the procurement and IT organizations to focus on what they do best.

Lower Risk

Improving consumer use tax accuracy means lower audit risk, period.

Support Real-Time Reporting Requirements in Europe

Empower your tax department to provide data for real-time reporting for VAT/GST and reduce your need for IT support.

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