Vertex Payroll Tax Q Series

Leverage a powerful payroll tax calculation engine for reliable gross-to-net payroll calculations that reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Automate Payroll Tax Calculations with a Trusted Solution

Companies of all sizes and industries leverage Vertex Payroll Tax to improve the accuracy, efficiency, security, and reliability of paychecks.

We work with industry-leading Human Capital Management (HCM) and staffing solution providers to embed our payroll tax engine into their service offerings. HCM and processing systems send us the required information to calculate payroll taxes with improved accuracy and to display those results to their clients.

Explore the Features, Benefits & Highlights

Access up-to-date payroll tax rules and rates.

Stay up to date with constantly changing payroll tax rates, payroll formulas, and payroll regulations in the U.S. and Canada, at the federal, state, provincial, and local level, also including US territories – automatically.

Precise tax jurisdiction assignment improves accuracy.

Pinpoint the tax jurisdiction of each employee to enable more accurate withholding, even when they work in multiple locations. Our solution assigns a unique "Vertex Geocode" to each address, a proprietary location identifier that eliminates the problems associated with less accurate locator systems such as ZIP codes.

Vertex Geocodes enable better accuracy by identifying the taxing jurisdiction at the employee, resident, and work locations for country, state, county, city, and township.

The system automates tax area assignment not only during the employee boarding process, but also if your employees work in multiple locations, or relocate during a given pay cycle.

Improve the accuracy of address data to reduce tax errors.

Address Cleansing functionality corrects inaccurate street/city names, assigns ZIP+4 code according to the latest USPS data, Political Subdivision Code (PSD), Township, and School District.