Vertex Payroll Tax Address Cleansing

Automatically cleanse employee-provided addresses to improve accuracy across the HR function.

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Address Accuracy Starts at Employee Onboarding

When onboarding new employees, incorrect tax jurisdiction identification can result in incorrect tax withholdings for the employee, extra work for the Payroll department, and unnecessary time spent by HR staff on data management.

Vertex Payroll Tax Address Cleansing corrects employee-provided addresses and assigns the necessary tax-specific codes for improved accuracy across payroll and other HR functions.


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A cleansed address allows tax jurisdiction assignment at side-of-street level for ultimate accuracy.

For U.S. addresses, the address cleansing service cleanses and corrects inaccuracies in street, city, and ZIP code; identifies ZIP+4 for greater accuracy; assigns a single Vertex GeoCode (if integrated with a Vertex Payroll Tax engine); and assigns tax-specific details including:

  • Political Subdivision code (PSD)
  • Township
  • School District code (for PA and OH)

Leverage address cleansing to improve accuracy across multiple HR functions.

Address Cleansing improves accuracy and streamlines processes across HR, including:

  • Tax jurisdiction assignment during the onboarding process
  • Payroll tax withholdings in employee paychecks
  • Employee W2 or 1099 statements

Integrate address cleansing with a payroll tax engine or license standalone.

Add Address Cleansing to a Vertex Payroll Tax engine to improve tax calculation, or license the service standalone to improve accuracy across multiple HR processes.


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