Vertex Indirect Tax Returns – North America

Produce signature-ready returns and automate the compliance process.

Our indirect tax return solution is a SaaS technology solution for processing and preparing signature-ready indirect tax returns for your business.

Save time and reduce risk with end-to-end compliance automation

Automate returns preparation and decrease the time spent on this administrative task. Use Vertex Indirect Tax Returns to produce signature-ready returns for North America indirect taxes based on tax data files generated by Vertex O Series or your host financial systems. Improve accuracy and maintain an archive for your audit needs.

Vertex Indirect Tax Returns for North America and beyond - sales, use, value added tax

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Automate the end-to-end compliance process for your indirect tax returns.

Vertex Indirect Tax Returns decreases the time and resources required for compliance by automating the creation of signature-ready returns and e-files. The application enables you to streamline compliance, manage audits more effectively, and minimize assessments — freeing up time to focus on more strategic activities for your business.

Reliable content for taxing jurisdictions around the world.

Produce signature-ready returns for North America indirect tax including U.S. sales and use tax (including Puerto Rico), and Canada sales tax and value added tax (including GST, HST, PST/RST, QST) based on tax data generated by Vertex or your host financial systems. Tax content is updated monthly, providing the latest forms and e-files plus the resources you need to support business growth. The application also supports California and Illinois direct transmission e-file.

Select a deployment option that works for your IT and business needs.

Install and maintain the application on your desktop or access a hosted cloud-based version that is always up-to-date. Either way, you'll have a secure returns process in place. Role-based access allows you to control tax processes and data visibility. Audit logs ensure Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance. And two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the login process for hosted deployment.

Reduce manual errors with a simple setup and streamlined data import.

Your tax data can be easily imported from both Vertex and non-Vertex files. The application's technology supports traditional and electronic returns filing with full general ledger account codes.


Enjoy an easy-to-use user interface to effectively manage returns.

Tax professionals are empowered to manage returns with an application designed for ease of use, so you can confidently support tax processes without relying on your IT resources. Streamline processes and improve control with tools for automated workflow, tax calendar management, and document management.