Vertex Indirect Tax for Retail

Manage retail tax for your omnichannel business. In-store. Online. Drop shipping. Click-to-brick returns. We’ll help you improve accuracy, streamline operations, and grow with confidence.

Today’s omnichannel retailers require power, precision, and flexibility to ride the wave of the global economy. As your business explores new product lines, new customers, new suppliers, and new markets, you need a tax solution that provides confidence today and scalability for tomorrow.

At Vertex, we’ve made significant investments with our retail customer’s best interest in mind – from tax content addressing the most complex retail taxability, to powerful technology integrated with your POS, e-commerce, and back-office systems. Our customer list of nearly 1,000 companies reads like a “Who’s Who” of retailing—and it continues to grow and expand as the world of retailing expands across borders, currencies, supply chains, and sales channels.

Our retail solution will centralize and standardize your indirect tax management across brick-and-mortar, online stores and marketplaces, catalogs, and wholesale operations. And integrate seamlessly with the ERP and e-commerce platforms you use to manage your growing business. Speed and consistency, standardized processes, data visibility, and superior customer service for your multi-channel growing operation.


  • Sales and use tax for nearly 10,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions.
  • Value-added tax for 250+ countries.
  • Situs determination, tax holidays, tiered taxes, thresholds, bracket taxes, maximum basis tax, maximum amount tax, compound tax, and complex rounding rules.
  • Automatically apply fees for refunds, delivery charges, rental charges, restocking fee, non‐merchandise fees, warranty sales, component/packaged issues, delivery method taxability, multiple ship-to locations, drop shipments, and service charges.
  • Content for North America, EMEA, Asia Pac, Central & South America.
  • Tax applied consistently and with better accuracy across channels: store POS locations, store kiosks, e-commerce sales, catalog sales, call‐center sales, mobile device transactions, handheld devices.
  • Cross-jurisdiction store returns, click-to-brick returns, and more.
  • Automated exemption certificate management including online customer certificate portal.

  • Powerful data management processes petabytes of data in seconds for high-volume businesses.
  • Integration with your POS, e-commerce, and back office systems.
  • Connection to your disparate vendor systems including back office, store level, procurement, inventory movement, asset transfer.
  • Cloud and on-premise solutions to meet your IT approach.
  • Maximum uptime to support your 24/7 business.

  • Centralized tax results for the global enterprise.
  • Standard reporting (without IT assistance) at detail and summary levels—plus flexible data analysis tools for ad hoc reporting.
  • Activity and security logs, SAS-70 certified data.
  • Transaction-level data visibility in real time.
  • Improved audit performance to decrease cash reserves.

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