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Simplified global tax management for SAP ERP

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Simplify global tax administration in your SAP environment. This next-gen solution makes it easier to manage sales, use, and value added tax, enable business growth, facilitate cloud transformation initiatives, and lay a solid foundation for SAP S/4HANA migration.

Centralized, streamlined tax

Vertex Accelerator+ for SAP ERP is the next iteration of Vertex’s powerful indirect tax solution for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA*. It provides a unified global tax solution in a single user interface inside the SAP name space that centralizes and streamlines tax business function and responsibility.

*supports SAP S/4HANA private cloud and on-premise Vertex Accelerator+ for SAP ERP

Unique scalable solution

Vertex is the only provider offering both a tax engine solution and an SAP Add-on solution designed for a smooth pivot to the Vertex tax engine when business needs change (e.g., support business growth, multi-system connectors, global expansion, cloud transformation, or migration to SAP S/4HANA).

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User-friendly tool streamlines tax code management and data mapping.

Reduce setup time by utilizing drag-and-drop mapping of tax data. Tax code upload tool eases the maintenance, viewing, and reporting of tax code settings in SAP. Tax results include taxing jurisdiction situs identification from O Series that adheres to US/CAN SAP RFC requirements. Supports tax jurisdiction code conversion programs, and tax code defaulting to help automate the tax code process.

Intelligent chain flow visualization streamlines supply chain and multi-party transactions.

Manage global supply chain flows (including inter-company) with ease. Visualize the chain flow process in a single setup and simple visual interface to monitor the flow of goods and associated documents involved in each leg of each transaction. Interpret, configure, and map up to 80 fields of chain flow data and documents from SAP to the relevant VAT fields in the Vertex tax engine to ensure consistent VAT treatment across all legs of a multi-party cross-border transaction.

Reduce interruptions and streamline troubleshooting for greater control.

Queue Maintenance Tool identifies and removes blocking transactions to allow updating other transactions, then reprocesses the blocked transactions once corrected. Use transaction logs to view detailed data and pinpoint changes made for improved troubleshooting and faster resolution.

Robust reporting options provide visibility and insight to support better tax decisions.

Improve the use of SAP standard reports for sales and purchases, access additional pre-developed reports, and create custom reports to support reconciliation and tax management. Advanced reporting includes predefined extracts and reports to address day-to-day business needs. Reconciliation reports to SAP General Ledger complements SAP reporting.

Scalable options for VAT determination include tax engine and/or SAP Add-On

  • Use the tax engine: Accelerator+ performs data mapping in the SAP environment, then sends data to Vertex O Series tax engine which performs the VAT calculation. All tax content is maintained and updated in the Vertex tax engine.  
  • Use the SAP Add-on: Accelerator+ Tax Decision Tool performs data mapping and VAT calculation using native SAP tax functionality. Tax tables must be maintained in SAP. 
  • Transition as business grows: Vertex is the only provider offering a tax engine solution as well as an SAP Add-on solution designed to enable a smooth pivot to a Vertex tax engine to support business growth, multi-system connectors, expansion to the US, facilitate cloud transformation initiatives, or support migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Dramatically improve time-to-value and reduce dependency on IT support.

The graphical user interface provides greater visibility, enabling tax professionals to manage data mapping and system configuration with minimal IT support. A Vertex area menu inside SAP allows for easy navigation to Accelerator+ functions.

Implement what you need for today and easily scale for growth.

Flexible licensing options for companies of all sizes and locations. Implement what you need today, and upgrade as your business expands and needs change.


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