Vertex O Series Latitude / Longitude Jurisdiction Locator

Leverage latitude/longitude coordinates to improve tax accuracy without a street address.

Landscape image of an industrial cell tower in the middle of a desert mountain range.

Improved tax accuracy for non-traditional locations.

For transactions without a street address – like cell towers, oil fields, and pop-up shops – identifying the correct taxing jurisdiction isn’t easy. The Latitude/Longitude Jurisdiction Locator add-on for Vertex O Series improves tax calculation accuracy by using latitude/longitude coordinates instead of a street address for U.S. Tax Area ID assignment.

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Pass the latitude/longitude coordinates from your ERP system in real time.

The Lat/Long add-on determines Tax Area IDs for U.S. locations based on lat/long coordinates passed from your ERP system along with the other transaction details. Just enter the coordinates in your ERP system for improved tax accuracy every time.

Pass lat/long coordinates from the ERP or input manually

If your source application does not support lat/long, users can manually input or pass the coordinates from another tool into Vertex O Series. There’s even validation logic to ensure users enter the lat/long data correctly.

Improve tax accuracy for oil & gas, telecommunications, construction, and other industries.

The lat/long add-on is ideal for industries lacking traditional street addresses – like oil & gas, telecommunications, construction, even food trucks and pop-up shops.

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