Vertex O Series Latitude / Longitude Jurisdiction Locator

Leverage latitude/longitude coordinates to improve tax accuracy without a street address.

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Improved tax accuracy for non-traditional locations.

For transactions without a street address – like cell towers, oil fields, and pop-up shops – identifying the correct taxing jurisdiction isn’t easy. The Latitude/Longitude Jurisdiction Locator add-on for Vertex O Series improves tax calculation accuracy by using latitude/longitude coordinates instead of a street address for U.S. Tax Area ID assignment.

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Pass the latitude/longitude coordinates from your ERP system in real time.

The Lat/Long add-on determines Tax Area IDs for U.S. locations based on lat/long coordinates passed from your ERP system along with the other transaction details. Just enter the coordinates in your ERP system for improved tax accuracy every time.

Improve your source data for reliable accuracy over time.

As an option, you can use the batch service to identify Tax Area IDs in your source system for better consistency. Just send us a file containing the latitude/longitude coordinates for each location, we’ll assign the Tax Area IDs and return the file for you to update your ERP system. Simple.

Improve tax accuracy for oil & gas, telecommunications, construction, and other industries.

The lat/long add-on is ideal for industries lacking traditional street addresses – like oil & gas, telecommunications, construction, even food trucks and pop-up shops.

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