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Data intelligence to improve tax performance, and insight to drive business decision-making.

Vertex Inc. - Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax Intelligence

Data-driven, actionable insight to improve tax performance

The tax department utilizes some of the largest, most detailed, and diverse data sets in the company. Vertex offers a cloud-based data intelligence tool that leverages data to unlock time, capacity, and insight to help optimize compliance and audit performance, mitigate risk, and improve tax outcomes across the business. Data intelligence turns raw data into insight you can use immediately to not only optimize tax performance, but to model, predict, and influence business decision-making to drive business growth.

It provides data-driven intelligence that enables the tax function to serve as a strategic partner in the business.

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Solution aligns to the evolving stages of a high-performing tax function.

A progressive cloud-based solution allows you to adopt the solution in modules as you evolve your tax function to the highest level. Each module focuses on the advancing stages of value derived from data.

Module 1: Better understand financial and tax data quality

Module 2: Improve filing and reporting outcomes

Module 3: Gain insight and drive business planning


Module 1: Better understand your financial and tax data quality

This first module provides a series of dashboards that combine your tax and financial data with Vertex content to monitor and analyze tax metrics, as well as unlock unique views of risk. With our combined view of tax data into risk-based dashboards, tax professionals can more quickly identify what areas of their data warrant review, attention, and optimization.

Module 1 dashboards include:

  • Indirect Tax Dashboard
  • Nexus Risk Dashboard
  • Data Accuracy Risk Dashboard
  • Completeness Risk Dashboard
  • Configuration Risk Dashboard
  • Audit Risk Dashboard
Module 1 supports sales and use tax data from one or more instances of Vertex O Series and Vertex Cloud. Supports data from one or more instances of Oracle R12, SAP ECC, and SAP S/4HANA. Future support will include VAT and additional ERPs.

Module 2: Improve your tax outcomes

This second module leverages a series of dashboards that allow your tax team to utilize transactional data to better substantiate, correct, and help defend against compliance and audit activities. Tax professionals can use these dashboards to secure more beneficial audit, compliance, and planning outcomes.

Future release.

Module 3: Deeper insights to improve strategic planning & decision making

With data quality, compliance, and audit better supported with the first two modules, tax professionals can leverage dashboards, scenario planning workflows, and data analysis tools in this third module to accelerate strategic insights and affect outcomes sooner, influence growth and innovation, and drive business decisions.

Future release.


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