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Data intelligence to improve tax performance, and insight to drive business decision-making.

Vertex Inc. - Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax Intelligence

Data-driven, actionable tax insight to improve tax performance

The tax department utilizes some of the largest, most detailed, and diverse data sets in the company. Vertex offers a cloud-based data intelligence tool that leverages tax data to unlock time, capacity, and insight to help optimize compliance and audit performance, mitigate risk, and improve tax outcomes across the business.

Initial release contains two free dashboards and is available to qualified customers of Vertex O Series and Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax only.
Vertex Cloud Data Integrity is a tax-specific solution for the data validation, analysis, and transformation steps that are required to properly support the indirect tax compliance process.

Explore the Features, Benefits & Highlights

Gain insight from your own transactional data.

Dashboards combine data from the Vertex tax engine and Vertex tax research content to provide summary views as well as targeted drilldown capability to access deeper information to support compliance, audit defense, and tax planning.

View tax activity to easily identify trends and variances.

Presents a state-by state summary of sales, purchases, taxes collected, and taxes paid for current and prior periods with filtering and drilldown capabilities for deeper insight.

Monitor progress toward various state nexus thresholds to identify upcoming registration needs.

Presents an accounting of sales transactions and dollar volumes by-state, read from the Vertex tax engine Wide Tax Journal, compared against individual state nexus thresholds.

“Nexus expansion has significantly changed taxation for small and medium enterprises. As companies continue to navigate tax changes in the wake of the Wayfair decision, automation is essential to meet current and evolving requirements. Waiting to see what happens, or ignoring the compliance issues, can have serious consequences for your business. Leaders are recognizing the need to automate and update their processes for a seamless transition to the new nexus standards and future sales and use tax changes.”

George Salis Principal Economist, Tax Policy Advisor, Vertex, Inc.

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Leverage Data Intelligence to Improve Tax Performance

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