Payroll Tax

Executive summary
  • Take control of the dynamic variables affecting payroll tax accounting
  • Drive efficiency by using our powerful payroll tax calculation engine
  • Ensure accuracy by tapping into continually updated payroll data 
  • Give employees confidence in the reliability of every paycheck

When it comes to paychecks, tax departments face complex challenges around ever-changing local, state, and federal rates and rules—and employees have little patience for inaccurate tax calculations. Vertex automated payroll tax software combines the logic, flexibility, and continually updated tax data essential to payroll tax management. In addition to being the tool of choice for in-house payroll departments, Vertex payroll tax software is embedded in numerous third-party solutions and services. Companies of all sizes and industries have discovered why it's the best choice for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of every paycheck.

  • Recognition of all formal reciprocal agreements among cities, counties, and states and ability to calculate payroll taxes accordingly
  • Complete coverage of payroll tax calculation methods, including preferred and alternate federal, state, and locally approved methods
  • Highly precise location system, which delivers greater accuracy than ZIP code-based systems
  • Monthly updates from Vertex's accredited tax research professionals
  • Deliver more accurate, reliable payroll tax calculation
  • Enhance efficiency of your payroll department, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks
  • Give employees compensation confidence—assurance that every check includes proper tax withholding across applicable jurisdictions
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Vertex Payroll Tax Solutions

Vertex offers payroll professionals a powerful tax calculation engine with reliable content for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Address Cleansing for Payroll Tax

Learn how address cleansing can improve accuracy for jurisdiction assignment, decrease risk of inaccurate withholding of payroll tax.