Sales Tax

Executive summary
  • Automate and simplify sales tax calculation, management, and reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate Vertex sales tax calculation engine with your core financial system, such as SAP or Oracle
  • Improve compliance and audit readiness—while realizing rapid ROI 
  • Deliver greater business value through powerful sales tax reporting and analytics

Tax departments can't control the onslaught of changes and growing complexity in tax rates and rules across multiple jurisdictions. But you can take a better approach to managing them with Vertex sales tax software. Our proven tools include a sales tax calculation engine that integrates directly with your core financial system (such as SAP or Oracle)—becoming a seamless extension of your current infrastructure. With the engine in place, Vertex supplies ongoing tax rate and rule updates to help ensure accurate, compliant sales tax calculation and collection. And through the sales tax software’s advanced reporting and analysis features, you can analyze trends, detect irregularities, and transform tax data into valuable insights for your business.

Today’s ecommerce market demands comprehensive, integrated sales and use tax solutions that meet the complicated tax challenges of omnichannel environments. The combined power of our leading global cloud commerce platform and automated tax technology from Vertex will allow our customers to boost online sales.
Mark Lenhard
Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth at Magento Commerce

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements.

Vertex sales tax software can be integrated seamlessly with Vertex Enterprise to ensure that all transaction data is properly accounted for and managed.

See how this leading transaction tax solution helps you achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk and streamlining your audit process-letting you focus on more important, more strategic business operations. Watch the video below to learn more.

See how this leading transaction tax solution helps you achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk and streamlining your audit process-letting you focus on more strategic business operations.

  • Continually updated tax rates and rules for more than 10,000 county, city, and district US jurisdictions
  • Accurate jurisdiction identification and advanced address cleansing
  • Exception handling for ordinary tax rules—such as maximum tax, tiered tax, and rounding
  • Streamlined management of taxability applied to transactions processed by the system
  • Support for eCommerce or any application requiring accurate sales tax calculation
  • Rate lookup utility for querying the rate and rule database
  • Reporting database with historical accumulation of all transaction result data produced by the calculation engine
  • Role-based security
  • Make better use of tax resources. Automating sales tax management and calculation frees tax professionals to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Drive speed and accuracy. Continual updates and sophisticated address and jurisdiction management help ensure fast, accurate calculation and collection.
  • Enhance compliance and audit defense. Vertex sales tax software arms your organization with robust security and reporting capabilities to address Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and audit readiness.
  • Protect your brand. Customers count on you to accurately calculate and collect sales tax. With the Vertex calculation engine, you can meet that expectation—and safeguard your image and reputation in the marketplace.
  • Leverage existing investments. Vertex offers flexible solutions that perform in virtually any IT environment—from mainframe and client/server to service-oriented architecture—and integrate with all leading ERP systems.
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