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    Kyrgyzstan plans E-Commerce Tax

    Kyrgyzstan plans e-commerce tax on digital services supplied by non-resident businesses


    Bahrain assessing proposals to increase its VAT rate

    Bahrain’s VAT system means non-resident digital service suppliers must apply, collect, and remit VAT on all their B2C sales there. This compliance comes from their first sale in Bahrain due to a lack of a sales threshold.


    Global VAT/GST rules on cross-border digital sales

    Destination-based tax rules (e.g. VAT/GST) on cross-border digital sales are growing in popularity across the globe. Here we list a selection of prominent tax jurisdictions where such rules are in place and proposed for in the future.


    Additional reporting obligations for digital platforms and the quest for transparency

    Digital platforms face an ever-increasing workload and responsibility when it comes to adhering to reporting obligations from a growing number of tax administrations worldwide. The key recurring phrase used by tax administrations introducing such reporting obligations is ‘transparency’.


    Singapore GST set for 2023 extension to low value goods

    Singapore has updated its guidance on extending GST to the importation of low-value goods from January 1, 2023, will operate. The move follows similar moves in tax jurisdictions across the globe.


    Draft Israel VAT plan for foreign companies & low value goods sellers

    Israel's Ministry of Finance has included plans to extend the country's VAT system to foreign suppliers of digital services as well as the potential introduction of VAT rules for the sale of low value goods via online marketplaces.

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