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    Additional reporting obligations for digital platforms and the quest for transparency

    Digital platforms face an ever-increasing workload and responsibility when it comes to adhering to reporting obligations from a growing number of tax administrations worldwide. The key recurring phrase used by tax administrations introducing such reporting obligations is ‘transparency’.

    Digital tax rules in operation across the globe

    VAT, GST, consumption tax, sales tax, use tax – no matter what term, or name, is used it is clear that the taxation of the digital economy is growing in popularity.

    A Hippity Hop on Sales Tax

    The world’s most famous bunny delivers Easter baskets, but even he may have to pay sales tax on his goodies.

    I’ve Got My Pie on You

    For some states, the amount of sales tax you pay to celebrate Pi day is different depending on where the pie is purchased. 

    Pumpkin Patches and Pumpkin Taxes

    Dealing with sales tax can be a frightening task throughout the year, especially in the fall. Figuring out whether to apply sales tax to those fall goodies is far from a treat.

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