A Hippity Hop on Sales Tax

Even the Easter Bunny may have to pay sales tax on his goodies.

Candy Sales Tax

Easter is often celebrated with chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, and of course, the Easter Bunny. Each year, the world’s most famous bunny delivers Easter baskets, but even he may have to pay sales tax on his goodies.

States where Candy is not Taxable

According to the Tax Foundation, in some states—Arizona, California, Michigan and Pennsylvania, to name a few—candy is considered a food item and therefore exempt from sales tax.

States where Candy is Taxable

However, in other states like Connecticut and Maryland, candy does not fall under the definition of food and is subject to sales tax. And here’s a tip for the Easter Bunny: if he’s shopping for the perfect Easter chocolate in Indiana, he should grab one that contains flour, assuring he won’t be charged tax.

It's Time to Automate Transaction Tax

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