Pumpkin Patches and Pumpkin Taxes

How are pumpkins taxed? As you'll learn in this article, the answer is not so black and white.

Pumpkin Patches and Pumpkin Taxes

Dealing with sales tax can be a frightening task throughout the year, especially in the fall. The fall season can be defined by many things—children in costumes, apple pies, candy, and of course, pumpkins. Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins and indulge in seasonal sweets? But figuring out whether to apply sales tax to those goodies is far from a treat.

How Are Pumpkins Taxed?

According to Accounting Today, any sale of pumpkins or gourds used for human consumption are exempt from New York sales tax; however, if these festive items are used for “decoration or carving,” they constitute tangible personal property and are subject to sales tax.

So, if you are getting pumped (kin) up for Halloween, consider buying a pumpkin that you will use to bake a pie rather than carve a jack-o-lantern.

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