Vertex Cloud

Vertex Cloud runs on the most advanced tax calculation and returns software platform in the industry, used by thousands of the largest corporations in the world. Vertex Cloud is right-sized for any organization, positioned to support all sales and use tax needs.

Benefits of Vertex Cloud:

  • Reduced time and effort to perform sales and use tax calculations;
  • Greater accuracy of calculations, returns, and compliance data;
  • Scalability to meet businesses’ changing sales and use tax requirements;
  • Lower total cost of ownership and faster time-to-value with a cloud deployment;
  • And reduced risk with the backing of a proven market leader in tax technology;
  • Extended functionality for all types of businesses across the globe;
  • Support for sales tax, consumer use tax and value added tax (VAT) across the globe; and
  • Faster implementation, return on investment (ROI), scalability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Vertex Cloud Connectors — Connect with Vertex Cloud from industry-leading ERPs, procurement solutions, and ecommerce platforms.
Vertex Cloud Calculations and returns in one solution — Vertex Cloud automates tax calculations and generates signature-ready PDF returns in one solution.
Vertex Cloud Returns only — Easily populate and manage sales and use tax returns with data from any financial system to save time, reduce risk and improve compliance. No custom integration or connector required.
Vertex Cloud Exemption certificate management — Bulk upload exemption certificate or upload them one at a time, set effective and expiration dates, store the certificates, and manage customer exemptions with Vertex Cloud.
Vertex Cloud Consumer use tax — Vertex Cloud enables you to calculate and report consumer use tax, including for accruals, asset and goods management, inventory removal, and purchase orders.


Ask about our pricing model and customized service offerings to fit your company's needs. Vertex Cloud offers different service levels ranging from simple tax rate files all the way to calculations and returns including Vertex filing and remitting returns on your behalf.

Seamless Integrations to Business Systems

Integrate with Vertex Cloud from industry-leading ERPs, procurement solutions, and ecommerce platforms.

Additional Information

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