Tax Software Training

Connect with Vertex to maximize the value of your investment in Vertex tax technology. Our training curriculum and certification program are available through in-person instruction or on the web.

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To make sure you're getting the most from your investments in Vertex technology, view our policies and guidelines for the Vertex training classes.

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Training Courses

Build your competency with Vertex software and complete corporate tax processes with greater efficiency and ease. Select one of our standard courses or tailor the curriculum to fit your business needs.

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Classroom Training for Vertex Tax Software

Experience world-class software training at your office or one of our regional training centers. A robust curriculum covers the full suite of Vertex tax solutions through standard and custom courses.

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Online Training for Vertex Tax Software

Enjoy Vertex tax software training from the convenience of your computer. Online training combines the benefits of a physical classroom with the flexibility to learn in real time or at your own pace.

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Vertex Certified Program Training

Take your expertise to the next level and validate your competency with Vertex tax software. Complete a series of web-based training modules and exams and earn the “Vertex Certified” distinction.

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Vertex Exchange 2019: Innovation Award Winners

This year, six of our clients were recognized for their unique use of tax technology to drive business value. Explore how these leaders are leveraging innovation in their tax function.

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