Siemens Seeks (and Finds) a Tax Calculation Engine Built for Growth

Siemens Customer Story Vertex

Sandra Blair, Siemens Head of Indirect Tax, outlines the journey Siemens went on to find a new tax calculation engine provider through our alliance with DMA. As you'll learn in the video, Siemens needed a true strategic partner when it came to tax. With locations in every country in the world, they needed a tax engine that could scale with them, not hold them back.

By switching to Vertex, Siemens was able to take control of their own destiny, without having to reach out to IT to make changes. Siemens can now take on the digital economy with confidence and our robust tax content gives them a broader range to handle their conglomerate across all service lines.

Siemens recognized that when you're processing thousands of tax returns and over 100 audits each year, it's extremely important to have a tax partner you can truly rely on—a partner who can answer your questions as you face tax complexity.

Moving to Vertex

In less than 6 months, Siemens was able to:

  • Move 7 SAP systems off their previous provider, and onto their new Vertex tax calculation engine.
  • Move 3.5 million tax exemption certificates
  • Set up their use tax accrual program

After some stabilization, Siemens also moved their Oracle system from its previous tax engine provider to the Vertex solution.

Benefits Achieved

  • More time for Siemens' staff to take on new work
  • Increased accuracy on consumer use tax filing
  • Increased accuracy on customer billing, leading to better customer satisfaction scores
  • Visibility into the money Siemens saved since switching to Vertex, down to the penny, through a custom report

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