Patagonia's Journey to a True Omnichannel Experience

Patagonia, a market leader in outdoor apparel, was using several systems across its sales channels—for e-commerce, retail, and wholesale. This was causing major issues for the customer experience. A customer stopping by a Patagonia retail store to pick up an online order experienced a disconnected experience where the retail associate had no way of finding any information about the original, online purchase.

On top of that, the internal IT and tax teams were burdened with constantly trying to maintain these systems.

In this video, Shelley Chase, International Director of Tax at Patagonia, outlines what her team did to create a more connected experience for Patagonia's customers and internal teams.

What Patagonia Did

Patagonia knew they had to streamline their systems to allow them to talk to each other. To do this, they implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365—a top Vertex partner—for ERP, Order Management, and Retail.

Integrating Tax

Because our tax solutions integrate with these Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms, and even Patagonia's frontend Salesforce platform, Patagonia can now benefit from a single source of truth when it comes to tax. As the company grows, they can save time, risk, and effort they were spending on their former tax process.

Benefits Achieved

  • Elimination of the work that was draining the Tax and IT departments 
  • A true, seamless omnichannel experience for customers, setting Patagonia apart from its competitors
  • Increased efficiency, reduced costs, minimized risk