Vertex Reporting and Analysis

Standard and custom reporting to support compliance, audit, reconciliations, and tax strategy planning.

With Vertex Reporting and Analysis you can create dashboards and custom reports to analyze trends, spot irregularities, and turn data into invaluable information for tax‐savings strategy. It’s a Web‐based reporting and analytics application developed with market leading Business Intelligence technology from IBM Cognos.

The tool offers flexible formats to view data in meaningful ways. And graphics functionality allows you to create meaningful visuals to guide business decisions.

You can generate reports and dashboards to focus on specific jurisdictions, product groups, customers, or cost centers. Analyze deviations from trends to troubleshoot problems. Answer ad-hoc queries without creating a new report. Or just review detail-level data to prepare for audits.


  • Report on transaction data and taxability setup
    • Query a single invoice and display its data.
    • Display the total tax collected in a particular jurisdiction for an exact period of time.
    • Sum purchase accruals by cost center or GL number.
    • Produce a pie chart presenting taxable and non-taxable sales for a product or product class.
    • Create a chart showing the percentage of exempt sales transactions made to customers with exemption certificates.
    • Itemize product taxability or customer exemption by jurisdiction.
    • Transaction data and taxability information are extracted from your Vertex calculation system to ensure that database analysis will not affect your tax calculation processes. (Data extraction can be scheduled after office hours and may be customized or restricted to a selected range of dates.)
  • Flexible reporting functionality
    • Create custom tables, pivots, charts, and reports that contain the information you need, in the format you require.
    • Define your own workspace by selecting only the data fields you want from the transaction database.
    • Define data elements in rows and columns, sort, filter, insert subtotals or calculate new data columns.
    • Sort any data field or combination of data fields.
    • Set totals and subtotals.
    • Compute new data columns from existing columns.
    • Export tables, pivot tables, reports, and charts into HTML, PDF, Excel or JPEG format.
  • Data security and sharing
    • Single sign-on with Vertex Indirect Tax O Series leverages your pre-defined security preferences and permissions.
    • Multiple levels of administration security for multiple users across your business.
    • Easily share data across the organization between partitions or different deployments.

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