Vertex Indirect Tax O Series On-Demand

A single-tenant cloud solution to centralize and streamline indirect tax management.

Leverage a single-tenant cloud solution to automate and centralize sales, use, and VAT tax determination on your sales and purchase transactions. Connect seamlessly to your ERP or financial system. With Vertex, you’ll improve your confidence in complex taxability. Improve accuracy. And standardize your tax processes.

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Reliable Content From the Industry Leader

Sales and use tax rules and rates for nearly 10,000+ U.S. taxing jurisdictions. Simplify complex taxability for sales and purchase transactions.

Cloud-Based Technology

Minimal hardware, no need to update/maintain software, faster start-up, and reduced reliance on in-house IT.

Seamless Integration

Integrate directly to your ERP, e-commerce, or procurement system. Manage taxability, exceptions, calculations, and reporting.

Implementation, Support, and Training

We want to get you up and running with confidence.

We offer implementation services, convenient knowledgeable support, and a range of training options to increase your team's proficiency and boost ROI.


  • Reliable tax content (updated monthly) for U.S. sales and use tax, plus VAT, GST and other global transaction taxes.
  • Industry-specific content for retail, lease tax, and communication services tax.
  • Region-specific content for North America, South America, EMEA, and AsiaPac.
  • Rate lookup utility for querying the rate and rule database.

  • Custom taxability setup for your company’s unique taxability rules and exemptions.
  • Exception handling for ordinary tax rules such as minimum tax, tiered tax, and rounding.
  • Automated management of exemptions on sales and purchase transactions.
  • Role-based security to meet SOX requirements.

  • Store, update, and maintain exemption certificates within the application.
  • Upload customer exemption certificates one-at-a-time or in bulk.
  • Secure online customer portal for new certificate upload.
  • View effective and expiration dates to keep your business audit-ready.

  • Tax data file export for manual returns, returns application, or returns outsourcing service.
  • Schedule report time and frequency based on your workflow and deadlines.
  • Invoice Tax Detail Report: View each line item of an invoice, grouped by jurisdiction, and based on the report criteria.
  • Returns Export Reports: Gather and export tax data by location, by state, or by tax type to complete United States and Canadian tax returns.
  • Sales Tax Holiday Report: View details on jurisdictions that designate tax holidays.
  • Taxability Reports: View Vertex-defined and user-defined taxability categories by jurisdiction including category descriptions, paths, codes, and effective dates.
  • Transaction Recap Report: View a summary of your tax liability per jurisdiction.
  • Transaction Summary Report: View a synopsis of tax information at the country, state, province, county, city, and district levels for each jurisdiction.
  • Data Extract Tool for creating custom reports from Transactional or Taxability Manager data.

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