Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax

Save time and simplify tax with the industry's most trusted web-based tax software for sales, use, and value added tax.

What is Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax?

Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax is an indirect tax automation solution that enables businesses to improve compliance efficiency where they do business. The solution streamlines and simplifies the calculation and reporting of sales tax and consumer use tax in the U.S. and value added tax (VAT) abroad. This cloud solution helps you manage taxability, exceptions, tax calculations, and reporting.

One application. One user interface. One consistent experience. Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax takes care of the end-to-end tax lifecycle—automating calculation, exemption certificate management, and tax returns. Customize your product taxability regardless of tax complexity with better jurisdiction identification and advanced address cleansing.

Why Choose Cloud?

Cloud, web-based, or, SaaS tax solutions are increasingly popular for businesses looking to automate and simplify their sales and use tax without an on-premise implementation. With this solution, companies can experience faster implementation and go-live, a user-friendly interface, and quick user adoption.

Download the Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax data sheet to learn more.


Tax Rates & Rules

Say goodbye to the days of looking up the latest tax rate.

Calculate U.S. sales and use tax for 10,000+ U.S. taxing jurisdictions. For international transactions, the solution handles value added tax (VAT). Simplify taxability for every sales and purchase transaction and manage complex rules including online taxability for your e-commerce business, consumer use tax for accruals, asset and goods management, inventory removal, purchase orders (POs), and retail-specific tax scenarios.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Using tax automation should be easy.

Enjoy an innovative and simple user interface with web-based access that makes it easy for your team to manage tax. Tax professionals adopt this technology with ease, providing them more time for strategic work.

Cloud-Based Tax Technology

Automate today to reduce risk and boost efficiency.

Rely less on your IT team with minimal hardware, no software updates, and faster start-up. With cloud-based tax technology, you won't need to maintain your server or spend time updating tax rate files each month.


Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax integrates with the systems you use.

Integrate directly to the ERP, e-commerce, procurement, and other systems you have today. Vertex integrations help you manage taxability, exceptions, calculations, and reporting with ease.

VAT Capability

Prepare your business for VAT.

Calculate value added tax for highly complex transactions and jurisdictions, regardless of the limitations of the ERP native functionality. Support the data and reporting required for VAT compliance in Europe and beyond.

Tax Returns

Multiple options for sales and use tax compliance.

Choose between managing your tax returns in-house or letting us handle it for you. Vertex generates signature-ready PDF returns – just print out, sign, and file. Or upgrade to Vertex Cloud Returns Premium to outsource the end-to-end process including returns preparation, filing and payment.


Run reports to gain full transparency and to help you grow with confidence.

Achieve maximum ROI with built-in reports that show you transactional data, customer exceptions, validations and more. Explore a list of reports in the section below.

Exemption Certificate Management

Oftentimes, this is the first stop for an auditor looking for non-compliance.

Keep your business audit-ready. Automate exemption certificates on every sales and purchase transaction between our system and the systems you already use. Upload customer exemption certificates one-at-a-time or in bulk, and easily store, update, and maintain exemption certificates directly in the application. View and set the appropriate effective dates and expiration dates.

Implementation, Support, and Training

We want to get you up and running with confidence.

We offer implementation services, convenient knowledgeable support, and a range of training options to increase your team's proficiency and boost ROI.


Our tax research team enables your tax staff to focus on strategic initiatives while lowering your audit exposure through the latest global rules and rates.

  • Generate signature-ready PDF returns.
  • Manage returns in-house or let us handle it for you.
  • Returns-only option is available.
  • Automate tax processes.
  • Reduce tax risk associated with growth.
  • Enable more accurate taxability for your product and service offerings.

Spend less time updating your tax system, and more time growing your business.

  • Continually updated tax rates for nearly 10,000+ U.S. taxing jurisdictions.
  • VAT rules and rates to help with compliance and tax determination.
  • Management of complex rules including online taxability for your e-commerce business.
  • Consumer use tax including accruals, asset, and goods management, inventory removal, and POs.
  • Industry-specific content for retail.

Choose from multiple options to automate monthly sales and use tax compliance. Eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks and re-focus on more strategic work for your business.

  • Automated generation of signature-ready return PDFs from your tax data.
  • Optional filing and payment service, including notice management.
  • Archived returns to streamline audit preparation.

We help accounting firms better serve their clients.

  • Solidify value to your clients by offering robust yet simple SaaS solutions for indirect tax.
  • Leverage proven sales and marketing toolkit to guide the interaction between Vertex and your clients.
  • Online dashboards to view your clients’ activity on the Vertex platform.
  • Tailored offering through our partnership with, the technology division of the AICPA.

Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax has robust reporting capabilities to provide more visibility into your tax environment. Explore our reports:

Transaction Detail Report
View line item detail of a transaction.

Transaction Summary Report
View tax information at the country, state, province, county, city, and district levels for each jurisdiction.

Customer Expiration Report
View all customer exceptions entered.

Configuration Report
View detailed configuration for all companies.

Taxability Reports
View Vertex-defined and user-defined taxability categories by jurisdiction including category descriptions, paths, codes, and effective dates.

Validation Error Report
View configuration errors that require correction. Process changes until no errors are shown.

Additional Monthly Reports for Returns Subscribers
Includes PDF-ready returns, Credit Report, Unassigned Data Report, Reconciliation Report, Import Error Report, Returns Filing Calendar Report.

Additional Monthly Report for Tax Calculation Subscribers
Tax Data File for compliance (for manual returns, Vertex Indirect Tax Returns application, or Vertex Returns Outsourcing service)

Taxability Impact Report 
View Vertex-defined categories including category descriptions, paths, codes, and effective dates for mapped products for all jurisdictions.
Requires additional license

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