Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax

A SaaS solution to help any size business simplify tax and scale without compromise.

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Simplify and streamline the calculation and reporting of U.S. sales and use tax. Improve audit performance. And reduce tax risk for your business. All using a multi-tenant Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution. That means faster startup, reduced (or eliminated) IT support needs, and accelerated access to continually expanding features and functionality.


Reliable Content From the Industry Leader

Sales and use tax rules and rates for nearly 10,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions. Simplify complex taxability for every sales and purchase transaction.

Cloud-Based Technology

Minimal hardware, no need to update/maintain software, faster start-up, and reduced reliance on in-house IT.

Seamless Integration

Integrate directly to your ERP, e-commerce, or procurement system. Manage taxability, exceptions, calculations, and reporting.


  • Reliable tax rules & rates
    • Continually updated tax rates for nearly 10,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions.
    • Management of complex rules including online taxability for your e-commerce business.
    • Consumer use tax including accruals, asset, and goods management, inventory removal, and POs.
    • Industry-specific content for retail.
  • Calculation and compliance in a single application
    • Customize product taxability regardless of tax complexity.
    • Accurate jurisdiction identification and advanced address cleansing.
    • Automated management of exemptions on every sales and purchase transaction.
    • Generate signature-ready PDF returns.
    • Manage returns in-house or let us handle it for you.
    • Returns-only option available.
  • Easy start-up
    • Clickthrough license agreement.
    • Flexible pricing and terms.
    • Step-by-step configuration.
    • Simple, innovative user interface.
  • Exemption management
    • Store, update, and maintain exemption certificates within the application.
    • Upload customer exemption certificates one-at-a-time or in bulk.
    • View effective and expiration dates to keep your business audit-ready.
    • Manage exemptions with the Vertex Cloud system and within your ERP system.
  • Reporting
    • Transaction Detail Report: View line item detail of a transaction.
    • Transaction Summary Report: View tax information at the country, state, province, county, city, and district levels for each jurisdiction.
    • Customer Expiration Report: View all customer exceptions entered.
    • Configuration Report: View detailed configuration for all companies.
    • Taxability Reports: View Vertex-defined and user-defined taxability categories by jurisdiction including category descriptions, paths, codes, and effective dates.
    • Validation Error Report: View configuration errors that require correction. Process changes until no errors are shown.
    • Additional monthly reports for Returns subscribers include PDF-ready returns, Credit Report, Unassigned Data Report, Reconciliation Report, Import Error Report, Returns Filing Calendar Report.
    • Additional monthly report for Tax Calculation subscribers: Tax Data File for compliance (for manual returns, Vertex Indirect Tax Returns application, or Vertex Returns Outsourcing service).
    • Taxability Impact Report (requires additional license): View Vertex-defined categories including category descriptions, paths, codes, and effective dates for mapped products for all jurisdictions.
  • Specialized solutions for accounting and CPA firms
    • Solidify value to clients by bringing robust yet simple SaaS solutions for indirect tax.
    • Leverage proven sales and marketing toolkit to guide the interaction between Vertex and your clients.
    • Online dashboards to view your clients’ activity on the Vertex platform.
    • Tailored offering through partnership with, the technology division of the AICPA.

One-Click Tax Rate Lookup

Access tax rates for over 11,000 U.S. and Canadian tax jurisdictions. Just enter the zip code and get state and local rates for sales and consumer use tax.

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