Value Added Tax

Executive summary
  • Drive business performance by centralizing, simplifying, and reducing the cost of compliance with VAT, GST, and other global consumption taxes
  • Calculation support for 200+ countries and territories, including Latin America, Brazil, China, the European Union, and India and compliance support for a growing list of nearly 50 countries
  • Improve VAT compliance by automating the time-consuming and error-prone process of producing signature-ready country VAT returns
  • Quickly generate accurate supplemental reports, such as Intrastats, European Sales Listings, SAF-T audit reports, and other required VAT documents
  • Gain improved visibility into a firm’s global tax position to better manage cost

For tax departments in multinational companies, managing various countries’ value added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST) drives significant compliance costs and complexity. If your organization operates globally, you understand the significant burden of continually updating diverse tax rates, rules, and logic. You recognize the challenges of managing the significant cash flow tied to VAT. And, you know the risk inherent in ensuring accurate calculations and payments—and submitting accurate and timely returns—around the globe.

For multinational organizations, a global perspective is critical. The introduction of the GST in India coupled with ever growing data management challenges is going to demand shifts for multinational organizations from both a compliance and operational perspective. That’s why Vertex has been closely monitoring the regulatory shifts currently underway in this region. Learn more on how India's GST will impact your business and how Vertex is ready to support your organization.

The Vertex solutions for value added tax, which can be integrated with Vertex Enterprise, centralize and automate calculation, returns preparation, and related processes. As a result, it enables your tax department to reduce costs, manage risk, and, ultimately, support better business performance.

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options for VAT calculation and returns—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements.

See how these leading tax compliance solutions help you achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk, and streamlining your audit process—letting you focus on more important, more strategic business operations. Watch the video below to learn more.

See how this leading transaction tax solution helps you achieve optimal tax performance by increasing transparency, reducing tax-related risk and streamlining your audit process-letting you focus on more strategic business operations.

For VAT Calculation:
  • Support for 200+ countries and territories, including Latin America, Brazil, China, the European Union, and India 
  • Ability to manage in-country transactions, cross-border transactions, and numerous special tax situations and rules, such as intra-EU transactions, certificates of entitlement, reverse charges, triangular supplies within the EU, VAT grouping arrangements and intra-group transactions, and taxability implications of title transfer and chain transactions
  • Support for the special challenges in Latin America including VAT Withholding, Argentinian Turnover Tax, and the complexities of the Brazilian federal, state, and city taxes
  • Benefit from a continually evolving solution that reflects the challenges of a dynamic regulatory environment, including India GST and upcoming Gulf Cooperation Council VAT implementation
  • Flexible architecture suitable for remote call or direct call model and compatible with multiple ERP, CRM, purchasing/procurement, and eCommerce systems
  • Reporting database with historical accumulation of all transaction result data produced by the calculation engine  
For VAT Compliance:
  • Flexible capabilities for importing records of transactions, invoices, and VAT amounts from diverse sources, including Vertex, multiple ERPs or accounting systems, and even Microsoft Excel files
  • Automatic analysis and categorization of transactions and invoices, with point-and-click import to VAT forms for producing signature-ready returns quickly and accurately
  • Tracking of current status of each invoice item to know whether it has been ordered, shipped, invoiced, or paid—and to ensure that each line item follows the rules for when it must be included on the VAT return
  • Complete filing of not just the VAT return but also Intrastats, European Sales Listings, and other reports that must accompany the return
  • Ability to “drill down” from category to individual invoices to individual line items and “correct up” with immediate adjustments rolling up to recalculate the return
  • Enhance visibility and coordination. Centralized access to accurate, up-to-date information arms your tax team with the day-to-day tools and global insights needed to manage risk and support the business more effectively.
  • Support better financial performance. Vertex global tax management software helps your organization's bottom line in two ways: dramatically reducing the need for full-time tax research staff and delivering data-driven insights for understanding tax position and optimizing cash flow.
  • Improve controls and compliance. Manage filings and standardize processes and controls for a country, region, or filing entity, or for the whole company.
  • File on time, in less time. Automating VAT forms and reports reduces the time it takes to process them. That, in turn, reduces the risk of penalties while freeing overloaded staff to dedicate more time to further improving VAT compliance activities.
  • File more accurate returns. VAT Returns automates the review and validation of transactions and VAT amounts, flagging and highlighting potential errors. It also enables users to flexibly sort through and drill into transactions at the invoice-line-item level. Together, these capabilities empower a company to improve the accuracy of VAT returns, avoid costly amended filings, and ensure that credit for all VAT paid to suppliers is applied to the amount owed.
  • Keep current on changing rules. Each month can bring changes to calculation rules for dozens of forms and reports. The Vertex calculation and compliance solution automatically reflects the most up-to-date rules—helping ensure full compliance.
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