Indirect Tax Reporting & Analysis

Executive summary
  • Use on-demand, real-time transaction and taxability date to make intelligent, informed decisions
  • Offer greater strategic value to the business
  • Analyze indirect tax trends, itemize product taxability, and delineate customer exemptions by jurisdiction
  • Identify irregularities before they become an audit issue

With on-demand, real-time insights into transaction and taxability data, tax managers can make intelligent and informed decisions that deliver greater strategic value to the business. Vertex indirect tax management, reporting and analysis software offers tax departments functionality you would expect from a business intelligence tool but at a fraction of the price and with far lower IT support requirements. The Vertex solution enables tax managers to "interact" with data—so you can study trends, itemize product taxability, and delineate customer exemptions by jurisdictions. You can also identify irregularities before they result in an audit issue or penalty.

  • Query individual or groups of invoices
  • Set totals and subtotals on specified columns or rows
  • Display total tax collected in a particular jurisdiction for an exact period of time
  • Itemize product taxability or customer exemptions by jurisdiction
  • Sum purchase accruals by cost center or General Ledger number
  • Present taxable and non-taxable sales for a product or product class
  • Identify percentage of exempt sales transactions made to customers with exemption certificates
  • Define your own workspace by selecting specific data fields from the transaction database
  • Sort any data field or combination of data fields
  • Compute new data columns from existing columns
  • Simple navigation, intuitive commands, and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Flexible tax reporting and easy file sharing
  • Robust business intelligence functionality
  • Analyze data on your terms. Vertex reporting and analysis software allows you to sort transaction tax data on your terms to meet your requirements. With an intuitive interface, the tool enables tax professionals to generate an unlimited range of reports.
  • Enhance audit readiness. Vertex software puts answers to audit inquiries at your fingertips. It also helps you in identifying irregularities so you can address them before they catch an auditor's attention.
  • Deliver greater business value. With on-demand, real-time insights into transactions and taxability, your tax department can offer greater strategic value to the business. Use the tool to quickly create data visualizations that your stakeholders can use to understand and improve performance.
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Indirect Tax Reporting & Analysis

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