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Executive summary
  • Founded in 1978 to support Corporate Tax departments
  • 10,000+ clients around the globe, decades of tax experience, and unparalleled expertise in tax technology
  • Evolution to full-service provider of comprehensive, integrated tax technology solutions for corporations worldwide
  • Unique corporate philosophy and culture that attract and retain leading talent

From paper-based tax reference manuals to Vertex Enterprise—the industry's first true tax management platform—Vertex has always maintained an unwavering commitment to Corporate Tax.

Ray Westphal purchased Vertex, a rate directory business, from Sorbus in 1978. Ray opened shop in rented space in Wayne, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Antoinette Westphal, joining as Vertex's first employee. By the early 1980s, the company was offering an expanded collection of products for managing transaction tax. In the late 1980s, Vertex rolled out National Sales Tax manuals, which included all general jurisdiction and products rules and regulations. The company also welcomed three Westphal children—Jeffrey, Stefanie, and Amanda—as employees.

Since then, Vertex has continually evolved to offer a full array of Corporate Tax technology solutions—all aimed at helping tax departments operate with greater efficiency, speed, accuracy, and strategic impact. From the very beginning, Vertex has retained our unique culture and values—among the reasons we've earned accolades for being an excellent place to work. We've also retained our focus on unleashing the strategic potential of Corporate Tax around the globe—with a clear vision to be the worldwide provider, partner, and employer of choice in the tax industry.

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