Taxamo Assure by Vertex

Let Taxamo manage VAT/GST on your e-commerce transactions from customer checkout through local compliance.

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Simple VAT e-commerce compliance.

Taxamo Assure collects, files and remits VAT/GST to the relevant tax authority.

Taxamo Assure by Vertex offers these unique benefits:

  • Your business will not need to register in countries where our technology facilitates the sale to the customer
  • Taxamo Assure manages the collection, filing, and remittance of VAT/GST on sales processed through the platform
  • Taxamo Assure by Vertex has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing checkout process

Assure for how you do business

Digital? Physical? Hybrid? Yes.

For digital goods

  • Enable expansion into any of the numerous countries supported by the solution through an integration
  • Provide real-time customer location determination and VAT/GST taxability at checkout
  • Validate business tax numbers in real time at checkout
  • Issue VAT/GST compliant invoices at point of sale
  • Manage the global foreign exchange exposure on VAT/GST remittance payments 

For physical goods

  • Provide all the benefits of the Taxamo Assure digital technology for businesses importing goods into the EU member states, enabling business to comply with new “Import One Stop Shop” tax regulation
  • Facilitates VAT on consignments up to €150, removing the need for your business to register, file, and remit with IOSS
  • Provide VAT compliance, with timely filing and remittance
  • Streamline your customer journey through integrating VAT/GST compliance within the sales process


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