Vertex O Series, Tax Solutions for the Leasing Industry

Robust lease tax determination engine with embedded tax content to improve tax accuracy and efficiency.

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Automated tax determination developed specifically for the leasing industry

Automate and centralise tax determination for lease origination and lease billing systems. Vertex Leasing provides global tax determination for each phase of the leasing/rental business process, from origination to invoicing to disposition.


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Improve accuracy and calculation consistency.

With updated content for 150,000+ lease-specific rules, Vertex combines up-to-date tax content with tax determination functionality for lessors around the world. The solution supports tax calculation logic for short- and long-term leases or rentals and also supports the taxes, fees and surcharges for lease or rental transactions.

Connect Vertex to your lease origination and lease billing systems.

Integrate a Vertex tax engine with your systems for lease origination and billing systems even if they're different. You'll improve tax accuracy and streamline operations.

Customise rules with leasing taxability drivers.

Vertex provides the parameters that vehicle and equipment lessors need when basing the taxability of property on the weight and horsepower of the equipment and the term of the lease. Streamline these parameters with pre-populated rules for your lease transactions.

Successfully manage multiple impositions.

Vertex contains logic that identifies the existence of multiple impositions and eliminates the need for manual preparation of invoices with surcharges and fee impositions.


A single user interface provides access to all the functionality.

Streamline your day-to-day administration for tax, adding value to your company. The web-based user interface allows you to easily set up Vertex with your unique taxability rules so they can be applied and processed seamlessly on transactions. Via the interface, you can complete other tasks such as rate research, running reports for audit purposes and applying monthly content updates.


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Gordon Flesch Co Improves Leasing Tax Management

"The biggest thing for us is really that the tax department is now in control. "

Diane Parisi,
Finance and Tax Manager, Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.

Toyota Financial Services Streamlines Lease Tax

"Vertex O Series for Leasing has helped grow the TFS tax department into a data-driven nucleus for companywide decision-making. "

Dinah Baker
Senior Tax Analyst, Toyota Financial Services

Vertex O Series

Streamline indirect tax management with deep, proven tax content and software built to scale.

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