Vertex Validator

An API-based solution for automated validation of business tax IDs.

Vertex Validator

Validate VAT/GST identification with ease

Vertex Validator is an API-based solution than can be integrated into a seller’s existing ERP, CRM, e-commerce, marketplace or online platform to provide validation of business tax IDs to simplify customer/vendor management and support global tax audits.

Vertex Inc.

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Support international expansion as well as local tax requirements.

Integrates with regional databases to validate VAT/GST identification numbers in 50+ countries. Full reporting provided to manage customer tax IDs to support audits. Where applicable, supports local requirements including exposing Captcha to the buyer during checkout and validating two tax IDs in a single request.


Vertex Validator provides tax ID validation to support the Reverse Charge Mechanism.

Validates the B2B tax ID to support the Reverse Charge Mechanism where applicable and to enable the buyer’s VAT-GST reclaim.


Vertex Validator is easily configurable to support your business needs.

The API-based solution provides flexibility for where in the sales/onboarding flows to conduct the validation step. Integrate it with your existing ERP, CRM, e-commerce marketplace or online platforms. You can even implement it with your Vertex O Series (or other) VAT/GST calculation engine.

Schedule validation in multiple ways.

Vertex Validator enables the user to conduct direct single-transaction real-time validation, scheduled/reoccurring for validations for subscription sellers, and batch validations.


Knowledgeable consultants can support your unique implementation.

Experienced implementation consultants are available to ensure the ideal integration with your existing IT platforms and sales journey.

What is the Reverse Charge Mechanism?

The Reverse Charge Mechanism shifts the obligation for VAT/GST collection from the seller to the buyer for B2B sales. This means a seller can apply 0% tax on a B2B sale with a VAT/GST-registered buyer (once the buyer’s tax ID number is validated) and the buyer then pays and deducts the tax simultaneously in their tax return. 

Even when the reverse charge mechanism is not used, it’s important to verify the buyer’s tax ID in a B2B transaction. The tax ID must be shown on the receipt to enable the buyer to reclaim the tax. 


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