Automate sales & use tax with Vertex's sales tax solutions

Manage the end-to-end US sales and use tax process, from tax determination to exemption certificate management through compliance and reporting.

Simplify your VAT journey with the best sales and use tax automation software and services.

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Stay ahead of 11,000+ state and local tax jurisdictions

Economic trends, changing nexus regulations, and increasing audit activity have made sales and use tax management a complex task with increasing risk.

With validated & scalable sales and use tax automation solutions in place, businesses can overcome these challenges to effectively manage US sales and use tax — and support global growth.

Automate sales & use tax management

Move away from manual processes. Simplify sales tax compliance. Our sales tax software utilises powerful technology and insights to reduce audit risk and costs.

Centralise tax determination

Robust tax content centralises, automates, and improves tax accuracy across all your transaction billing systems.

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Digitise exemption certificates

Take advantage of automated tools and outsourcing services to collect, track, and store exemption certificates to reduce audit risk and streamline internal operations.

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Automate monthly tax returns

Generate signature-ready returns to improve efficiency and provide an archive for audit needs.

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Manage tax in procurement

Create a reliable accounts payable process with automated tax estimates on POs and requisitions. Improve accuracy on use tax self-assessments.

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How Graybar improved audit defence

  • Standardised exemption certificate processes across 300 locations
  • Reduced the number of people entering certificates from 200 to 25
  • Created centralised repository of 125,000 certificates for audit defence

HBC improves internal tax processes and reduces audit risk

  • Centralised sales tax content for an omni-channel retailer
  • Automated monthly content updates reduced internal workload
  • Streamlined exemption certificate processes

Featured solutions


  • Vertex O Series

    The industry-leading tax determination system to reduce audit risk and improve tax operations.


  • Vertex Certificate Center

    Streamline exemption certificate management to improve compliance and audit performance.


Value at every step of sales and use tax

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Our Integrations

We integrate with a number of leading platforms spanning ERP, CRM, procurement, billing, POS, and e-commerce.

Vertex named Customer Top Rated by TrustRadius

Customer feedback earns Vertex the 2020 Top Rated Tax Compliance System award from TrustRadius.