Vertex Inc. Customers

Customer Stories

  • Patagonia Creates a Seamless Customer Experience

    “We can now benefit from a single source of truth when it comes to tax.”

  • Walmart Generates Greater Marketplace Growth

    “Vertex has helped our bottom line by really growing our marketplace.”

  • Redbox Implements a Seamless Returns Process

    “Over the past decade, we have continued to grow with confidence through Vertex.”

Our Commitment to Customer Success

People who care at Vertex Customer Success.

People Who Care

We put customers at the heart of our business. Just step into any conference room at Vertex and you’ll notice a bright, bold chair, reminding us that our customers have a seat at the table whenever we’re developing new strategies or making important decisions.

Vertex Inc. People

Trusted Experts

Whether you’re working with Vertex Support or collaborating with our consultants through an implementation, you can count on a consistent, supportive, and professional experience from start to finish. Our commitment to helping you grow is what helps us learn and expand our business too.

Vertex Inc. Pioneers in Tax Automation

Pioneers in Tax Automation

We proudly serve companies like yours with distinction and provide reliable, comprehensive indirect tax solutions. It’s what helps companies across the globe simplify tax processes, reduce audit risk, and stay ahead of changing regulations.

Starbucks Implements a Centralised Tax System to Support Global Growth

"Vertex knows its product the best. We needed someone who had the inside knowledge of Vertex – someone who could identify problems and rally the appropriate Vertex resources to solve them. "

Brian Ugai
Vice President, Tax & Customs, Starbucks

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