Vertex O Series, Tax Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Automated sales tax determination for the complex oil and gas industry.

Offshore oil and gas

Improve tax accuracy for procurement and sales.

Automate complex tax calculation and improve compliance for upstream, midstream and downstream segments in the U.S. oil and gas industry. Vertex offers the most flexible and robust tax solution to support both procurement and sales transactions for energy companies. Add oil and gas tax content and latitude/longitude tax jurisdiction assignment to your Vertex O Series tax engine to increase tax accuracy and improve internal efficiency.

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Automated tax content updates from Vertex Research reduces risk.

Vertex research maintains continually updated sales and use tax content for the unique needs of upstream, midstream and downstream transactions in the U.S. oil & gas industry. This means reduced effort to keep your tax calculations accurate for improved audit performance.

Convert latitude/longitude coordinates to a Tax Area ID for improved situs determination and tax accuracy.

Add on Lat-Long Jurisdiction Identification to your Vertex O Series tax engine to convert lat-long coordinates of oil wells and equipment without a traditional street address to a precise Tax Area ID. More accurate Tax Area ID means more accurate tax calculation regardless of location.

Automated tax content and more precise situs determination reduces manual effort.

Vertex O Series enables oil & gas customers to automate processes and improve tax accuracy. The tax function will become more agile to support changes in the energy market and entry into new markets/channels while proactively reducing risk and lowering costs.


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    Product Details: Vertex O Series for Oil & Gas

  • Data Sheet

    Product Details: Vertex O Series

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