Vertex Invoice IQ

An API-based solution for tax-compliant invoicing of digital services.

Vertex Invoice IQ

Support global business with tax-compliant invoices

Managing complex invoicing regulations for cross-border transactions is challenging. B2C and B2B sellers must follow the unique invoicing requirements of each buyer’s local tax authority to stay compliant. 

Vertex Invoice IQ is an API-based tax solution that maintains the latest invoicing requirements of 60+ countries for the sale of digital goods and services. It integrates with a seller’s workflow and platforms to automatically generate tax-compliant invoices based on buyer location, regardless of country, jurisdiction, language or tax regime.  

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API software that allows you to integrate where you need it.

The flexible API design enables the user to define how the solution operates and where it’s integrated in your sales workflow (i.e. e-commerce, marketplace, ERP and CRM platforms) to meet your needs.

Robust content supports global expansion and local requirements.

Vertex Invoice IQ supports the complex invoicing requirements of 60+ countries. Sellers can expand their business to additional regions without additional effort to manage invoice requirements. In addition to presenting the required invoice data requirements of the buyer’s local jurisdiction, the solution fully supports complex localisation of currency and language, as well as signatory and audit requirements to ensure compliance with international invoicing regulations.


Support the VAT reverse charge mechanism with confidence.

When the reverse charge mechanism is applied in a sale, the invoice includes a specific piece of text to identify this tax treatment to comply with local tax authority stipulations and support audit.


Flexible solution enables the user to implement invoicing to best meet their needs.

Choose from multiple invoice delivery options for more flexibility in your workflow.

  • Email the buyer a link to the invoice (HTML or PDF download)
  • Embed the invoice in the email body
  • Pull the invoice into the seller’s system from the e-commerce platform

Designed to streamline audit preparation and reduce risk.

The solution automatically applies sequential and unique invoice numbering per country so that the seller does not need to manage multiple numbering schemes. Unlimited invoice storage up to the stipulated regulatory timeframes simplifies and supports audit management.


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