Vertex Advantage Plus

VAT/GST filing and remittance service for Vertex for e-Commerce customers.

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Outsource VAT/GST registration, compliance and remittance.

For a complete end-to-end solution, Vertex for e-Commerce customers can add-on the optional Advantage Plus service for VAT/GST registration, report preparation, filing and remittance. We can help you expand into new markets quickly and confidently, manage payments in multiple currencies and avoid late filing penalties. With Advantage Plus you’ll have a single resource to manage all your local filings across Europe.

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Easily register in the locations where you do business today and tomorrow.

Outsource your VAT/GST registration for European jurisdictions to a single resource. Vertex Advantage Plus means no more managing multiple relationships in multiple languages to support your cross-border business.

Streamline your filings and remittance across Europe.

With Advantage Plus, we’ll generate and file the returns and reports you need based on the tax data in Vertex for e-Commerce. Our team will manage the correct filing formats and deadlines. And we’ll conduct your filings in the local language and currency, as needed.

Complete transparency to workflow and filings to stay in control.

With Advantage Plus, you outsource the administrative steps of compliance, but you remain in control with full transparency of workflows, document preparation and approvals – all managed from your Vertex for e-Commerce user interface.


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