Vertex O Series Address Cleansing

Improve tax accuracy and reduce risk with more precise addresses.

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Cleansed addresses for improved tax jurisdiction assignment.

When it comes to tax, having a precise address for the transaction is a priority. Using complete, accurate USPS addresses for U.S. transactions improves the tax jurisdiction assignment. The Address Cleansing add-on for Vertex O Series cleanses each address and adds ZIP+4 for improved tax accuracy.

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Improve tax jurisdiction accuracy based on cleansed transaction addresses.

Use the Address Cleansing add-on for Vertex O Series to automatically cleanse and complete each transaction address. Improve tax jurisdiction assignment and reduce audit risk by adding this cornerstone capability for compliance front and center.

Cleanse and complete each address as it’s passed to the Vertex tax engine.

Address Cleansing will automatically complete, correct and cleanse the street address using USPS CASS data and assign the correct ZIP+4 code. After real-time cleansing, the address continues into the Vertex TaxGIS process for more precise jurisdiction assignment.

Add Address Cleansing to improve tax accuracy for complex transaction locations.

Tax calculation is complex in cities with multiple tax jurisdictions and multiple streets with similar names. Address Cleansing leverages USPS data and ZIP+4 to ensure the most precise location identification for improved tax accuracy.

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