Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager

Streamlined certificate management to improve audit performance.

Vertex Inc. Exemption Certificate Manager for Tax Exemption Certificates

Simplify Exemption Certificate Management to Reduce Risk

Often, audit penalties can be traced back to mismanagement of exemption certificates. These errors can put your company at risk of non-compliance and incur significant penalties.

Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM) is a digital repository for sales and use tax exemption, resale, and direct pay certificates and helps companies to reduce risk and streamline exemption certificate management.

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Electronic Certificate Management

Store, view, and analyze tax exemption certificates in a single repository.

Load digital certificates, and access all your exemption certificate data through your browser. Easily track expiration dates and automate renewal requests. Vertex ECM provides a centralized, real-time database that you can maintain from any location.

Automated Workflows

Keep processes moving to improve efficiency.

A user portal lets you automate workflows for certificate requests and renewals, as well as reporting for compliance and audit.

Compliance Improvements

Reduce certificate errors and improve compliance processes.

Vertex ECM tracks and calculates expiration dates, recommends updates, and validates certificate number format. Monitor compliance more efficiently with essential information about your entities and customers.


Set up automated reminders for certificate renewals.

When a certificate is incomplete or due for renewal, use Vertex ECM to generate a letter or email to the customer. Automated reminders can be sent in bulk to any number of customers when expirations are approaching.

Enterprise-Wide Access

Deploy through a web-based architecture.

Make real-time information available to stakeholders located anywhere. With a scalable, multi-tiered configuration, Vertex ECM is the perfect solution for large-scale deployments and decentralized organizations.


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“We now have a central location to store and track our nearly 125,000 exemption certificates from across the country. ”

Lauren Marks, Central Administration Manager
Graybar Electric

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