Avoid Tax Exemption Certificate Pitfalls

Spot pitfalls and improve processes before your next audit.

Exemption Certificate Management

Improve audit performance by reducing exemption certificate errors

Tax exemption certificate errors are one of the most frequent causes of audit assessment. Review the four steps in this exemption certificate guide to learn where the pitfalls lie, and how to sure up your process before your next audit:

Infographic explaining tax exemption certificate pitfalls

There are four steps of the exemption certificate process — collection, storage, maintenance, and reporting — and several pitfalls lurk throughout. They can range from questions about whether a certificate is correctly filled out and signed to producing comprehensive reports with the level of detail auditors require.

With the right tools from Vertex, you can collect, store, maintain, and report on certificates to streamline internal processes, facilitate correct tax-exempt calculation, and reduce audit exposure.

Simplify exemption certificate management

Mismanagement of exemption certificates can put your organization at risk of non-compliance and incurring audit penalties. Learn more about the Exemption Certificate Manager, sales and use tax exemption, resale, and direct pay certificates to help reduce your audit risk today.

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity is a tax-specific solution for the data validation, analysis, and transformation steps that are required to properly support the indirect tax compliance process.