Exemption Certificate Manager

Executive summary
  • Central repository for storing tax exemption, resale, or direct pay certificates
  • Fast, easy access to tax exemption certificates during an audit
  • Ability to reduce, or even eliminate, stiff penalties

Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM) provides tax departments with an affordable, effective solution for reducing the potential of an audit assessment by 25% or more. ECM provides a digital repository for storing your tax exemption, resale, or direct pay certificate. During an audit, it's easy to retrieve your certificates—so you can dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, stiff penalties that may result when you fail to produce valid documentation. Vertex also partners with tax departments to design and deliver a tailored outsourced solution that addresses each organization's goals and requirements around exemption certificate management.

Vertex offers a variety of deployment options—including an on-demand hosted model that accelerates implementation and reduces hardware, database, and other support requirements. 

  • Single repository for storing, viewing, and analyzing corporate tax exemption certificates
  • Flexible, web-based architecture that provides centralized access and search via the Internet 
  • Fast, easy reporting to identify documents on file—pinpointing expired tax certificates
  • Comprehensive library of common jurisdictional forms
  • Role-based security
  • Save time and space. An electronic repository eliminates hard-to-find paper copies stuffed in crowded filing cabinets. With all certificates stored electronically, you can instantly search, view, and retrieve your files from any web browser.
  • Accelerate and improve audit preparation. Provide auditors with direct access to select certificate data—minimizing the time you spend locating requested tax exemption certificates.
  • Support compliance. The system automatically generates a letter or email when one of your exemption certificates is incomplete or due for renewal. Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager is recognized as a Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant tool for effective management of exemption certificates.
Associated Solutions
Exemption Certificate Outsourcing
Validation and collection services to validate the certificates you have and collect what’s missing, invalid, or expired.
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System Implementation
Get expert assistance in planning, executing, and maximizing the value of your Vertex software implementation.
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Automate exemption certificate management with an easy-to-use web-based application for certificate renewal, digital storage, and archiving.

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