7 Common Tax Compliance Challenges for E-commerce Retailers

Discover the challenges e-commerce companies face and how to overcome them with tax automation.

Discover how tax automation can help online e-commerce businesses overcome common retail tax challenges.

Identify the common tax challenges facing your business

Whatever a retailer’s size, product offerings, or channel, managing sales and use tax compliance has never been easy. The U.S. alone has 11,000 tax jurisdictions and they’re constantly changing regulations. In addition, many retail organizations use a complicated mix of POS systems, commerce platforms, and retail sales tax solutions. Processing sales tax from in-store and online returns adds to the complexity. All this complicates sales and use tax compliance, causing confusion for consumers and making accurate reporting difficult.

In this infographic, we explore the challenges faced by e-commerce companies and how to overcome them using tax automation tools:


Manage expectations and provide seamless customer experiences

Many brick-and-mortar tax practices tend to be manual and paper-driven. Others use partially automated processes ― often requiring considerable IT resources to continually run updates. Additionally, customers expect fast, accurate, and consistent sales tax calculation — and these expectations don’t disappear even if a retailer’s network goes down. But for many retailers, an outage stops transactions and tax calculations in their tracks.

Whichever challenges your business is facing, you can streamline your approach with integrated tax solutions from Vertex.

Overcome 7 common tax compliance challenges

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