Why Oracle Users Should Move to the Cloud – And Take Their Tax Engine with Them

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Today’s businesses are shifting to a digital-first, cloud-first model as more and more customers and clients expect seamless, on-demand access to financial systems and data. At the same time, there is another shift towards tax automation due to ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements – which will continue to evolve and become more stringent with time. 

To remain competitive and agile in the face of this business complexity, and set the foundation to future proof the business, many Oracle users are considering a digital transformation to the cloud to better manage their business. But what really are the benefits of making such a shift and how does it impact tax? 

In this e-book we will walk you through: 

  • The benefits of moving your on-premise ERP to Oracle Cloud 
  • Why your tax engine should be included in your move 
  • Two migration pathways Oracle users could take including highlights of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Vertex Accelerator for Oracle Cloud ERP 
  • A summary of Vertex and Oracle’s Partnership

Discover the two pathways you can take to migrate your on-premise Oracle solution to the cloud – and how Vertex can help!

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